Dr Yusuke Sata

Consultant Cardiologist

Yusuke is a cardiologist and a hypertension specialist with an expertise in blood pressure management and the autonomic nervous system.
Yusuke completed his specialist cardiology training at the National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Centre in Osaka, Japan. He then completed his PhD on physiological system analysis of the mechanisms and treatment of hypertension at Osaka University.
To pursue his academic interest in hypertension, Yusuke came to Australia to join Prof Murray Esler’s lab at the Baker Heart & Diabetes Institute in Melbourne as a Senior Researcher (post-doc) and is actively involved with hypertension research.

Clinically, Yusuke is a Board-Certified Cardiologist in Japan and Australia (FRACP), as well as a Hypertension Specialist accredited by the Japanese Society of Hypertension.

Despite its life-threatening consequences (accounting for 60% of cardiovascular deaths), hypertension is often asymptomatic and therefore patients do not know they have hypertension and why they have to take medication.

Dr Sata believes in taking time to listen to patients so that they can clearly explain their concerns and understand what they need to know. He believes this is a very important process for both the patient and the medical practitioner to best understand the patient’s concern and treat it hand in hand.

Yusuke’s special interest is in the management and treatment of hypertension; including resistant, white-coat and masked hypertension. Yusuke is also interested in autonomic blood pressure regulation disorders, and hypertension and its association with stroke, kidney disease and heart disease.

Yusuke holds a public appointment at the Alfred Hospital where is is running the Hypertension Cliinic and as a consultant cardiologist. Yusuke also holds a research appointment at the Baker Heart & Diabetes Research Institute in Melbourne.

Dr Yusuke Sata is available at: