Can I have a Holter Monitor and Blood Pressure Monitor fitted at the same time?

Yes, you can wear both a Blood pressure monitor and Holter at the same time. You cannot shower with the monitors on, but can otherwise do all daily activities as usual. We recommend wearing suitable clothing, preferably a two piece outfit, so that the Holter monitor can be attached to your chest and blood pressure cuff fasten to your upper arm.

Can I exercise while wearing a Holter, Event or Blood Pressure Monitor?

Yes, light exercise is acceptable. It is important to note that you will not be able to shower after the exercise and heavy perspiration may result in the electrodes becoming unstuck and the quality of the data can be affected.

Can I undergo normal daily activities while wearing a Holter, Event or BP monitor?

Yes, you can undergo all normal daily activities. The only limitations are working with or around water, heavy electrical machinery, welding, sleeping on magnet bedding underlays and sleeping with electric blankets. You cannot remove a Holter or Blood Pressure Monitor to shower. Event monitors may be removed to shower and new electrodes applied once finished (will be supplied at time of fitting).

Are the monitors noisy?

Holter and Event monitors do not make any noise. Blood pressure monitors make a low pumping sound when the cuff is being inflated. BP monitors pump up every 20mins during the day and hourly at night. Please advise your technician at the time of booking your estimated sleep and awake times so they can tailor the monitor to best suit your lifestyle.

What size are the monitors?

Holter and Event monitors are comparable in size to a small mobile phone. They are fastened to your waist with a clip or worn around the neck with a neck strap. Blood pressure monitors are comparable in size to a digital camera. The monitor comprises of two parts, an elastic inflatable cuff which is attached to your upper arm and joined to the monitor via tubing and the monitor, which is fasten around your waist with an adjustable belt.

What type of electrodes do you use? Are they latex free?

We use hyposensitive, latex free and PVC free electrodes. Low-chloride gel minimizes skin irritation. Our electrodes are single use only.

What do I do if I get skin irritation from the electrodes?

We use hyposensitive latex free electrodes with a low-chloride gel to minimize skin irritation, however if your skin is extremely sensitive the gel or adhesive can trigger some minor skin irritation, including some redness, itchiness or minor burns. If you experience skin irritation please use a calming skin ointment to sooth the skin. If symptoms persist please remove the monitor and consult your doctor.

Can I use my mobile phone while wearing a monitor?

Yes, mobile phones and pagers do not interfere with the recordings.

Can the monitor be accidentally turned off?

No, it is very unlikely for the monitor to be accidentally turned off.

How do I take the monitor off if I am wearing it over the weekend?

If you are having the monitor fitted on a Friday and returning the monitor on a Monday, the technician will advise you on how to turn the monitor off and detach the monitor.

How long must I wear the monitor for?

Holter and Blood Pressure monitors are to be worn between 22-24 hours. Event monitors are to be worn for 7 days, only to be removed to shower/swim and bathe.

What should I do if I notice an electrode has become unstuck?

If you notice that a lead has become unstuck from an electrode, please reconnect it by pressuring the lead onto the "silver-coloured" button/press-stud. If an electrode has become dislodged from the skin, use some tape to adhere the electrode to the skin. Please let your technician know at time of monitor return if you had any issues with electrodes becoming unstuck.

What should I do if the Blood Pressure tubing has become disconnected?

If you notice the tubing has become detached, please reconnect the tubing by pushing the two white adaptor ends together and twisting to lock. If the tubing has detached from the cuff, please reconnect the tubing to the cuff (tubing just slides over end of cuff fitting). If the cuff has become loose on your arm, feel free to adjust the cuff and reapplying it higher up your arm using the Velcro fastening.