Jacqueline Ryan

MNurs(NURSPract), MNursGDipHlth SC, GCert(CC)RN

Jackie has a diverse nursing background incorporating many years in Coronary Care. She is a Nurse Practitioner specialising in Cardiometabolic Disorder Assessment and Diagnostic Services.

She operates her private practice – Perth Lipid Clinic, from two general practices in addition to her practice at the CVS rooms at Hollywood Private Hospital.

Jackie is also involved in research and is currently the WA Clinical Research Coordinator for the CAUGHT-CAD Heart Study (NHRMC Grant) at UWA/RPH for which Professor Gerald Watts is the WA Principal Investigator.

Nurse Practitioner Jacqueline Ryan specialises in the diagnosis, treatment and management of cardio metabolic disorders, in particular familial hypercholesterolaemia(FH), with cascade screening to diagnose and treat a wider range of patients affected.




FH is an inherited disorder which can result in an increased risk of cardiovascular disease at an early age. It arises from a mutation in the LDL receptor, causing a cholesterol build up in the blood, leading to deposits on artery walls. This means that patients diagnosed with FH have a significantly elevated cardio vascular disease risk. Patients from as young as 15 years may have established coronary artery disease.

The Lipid Clinic will:

  • Identify patients with FH
  • Organise cascade screening of family members for FH from identified index cases
  • Assess FH with genetic testing where required
  • Initiate early detection / management of Coronary Artery Disease (CAD)
  • Assist with cholesterol management in FH and non-FH patients
  • Fine-tune statin therapy
  • Develop tailored therapy for non-FH individuals with high LDL cholesterol

Referral: your GP or a specialist may refer you to this service, but it is not required; patients may contact CVS themselves to book an appointment



Jacqueline Ryan is available at: